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Hello friends, how are you guys, today I am going to give you the download link of Carx Street Android game. Which is the new car racing game which is launched on 31 December 2022 But this carx Street game has just been launched in Russia country only, even if you are from any other country, you can download and play it. You just have to follow some tips then you can easily play this game on your phone.

How to play carx street game on android

Guy’s Carx Street game is developed by CarX Technologies LLC, this game is a high graphic car racing game in android and IOS In this game, you will get to see online mode and car race, and you will get to see some other modes, which is going to give you a lot’s of fun. And in this game you will get to see the cars which are there in real life, which will give you the feel of real life car drive because this game also has first person camera mode. If you like Android car racing games very much, then you must download this game, this game is also very cool and high graphics car racing game.

How to download carx street game apk

To download the car street game apk, you have to follow some steps, which are very easy steps and you can play from any county. First of all you have to download Russia VPN, you will find that download link below. After that you will get to watch 1 video, watch that video completely step by step, then your game will be downloaded and installed, then you can play

Game play screen short carx street


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