Picsart app new 2018 Update Extra tool Beautify | How to use Beautify tool in picsart

Picsart new 2018

Picsart app new 2018 Update tool Beautify

Picsart new 2018 app version Beatify tool add download

Hi friends Weocome to inzztrick Blogger To day i am give you new 2018 Picsart Appliation you are uing extra Beautify tool in your picsart app this tool very use full your skin retounching in picsart read full post and download this app .
How to use New picsart  tool Beautify Skin : First of all you are donwload this app form last of this post And download and remove play store version picsart app for your phone install this new verison picsart Aftr installing open your inter net connect fisrt open this app you are open this new picsart app version without inter net Not show new beautify tool so you are open inter net and open picsart app show the new Beautify Tool .

Beautify tool in picsart :

This tool new update in picsart app 2018 And very use full toon in picsart app skin tune and more other option in this tool click here this tool and show many skin tune option in your picsart app .

About for beatify Tool in picsart app :

First Option is Beautify Tool in picsart :

Auto Adjust : Click thew Auto adjust option And your photo color and skin retouch auto adjust only one click .
Smooth : And second beautify Tool option is Smooth This option very use full for skin smoothness click this option and increase skin smoothness in picsart siimple touch our skin and your skin in is fully smooth .

Face Fix  : And 3rd option is Face fix this option working your skin blank dots and others skin color adjustment .

Details : And 4th option is very use full for photo adjustment click this option and you are detail your photo cloth and other object  directly .

Blemish fix : And the 5th option is Skin tone and most important tool form this picsart app i am very like this Skin tone click this option and show the sking color low to bright color in your skin you are easly bright and glow your skin and your skin color show very bright and white .

Hair color : And the 6th new option in hair color this tool is working you are easly change your hair color in on touch and show many color in this option .

Eye colors : And 7th option is Eye color Picsart eye color tool already add but this this option change old Eye color tool this option show directly eye PNG and you are adjust your color and eye png and set your photo .

Teeth Whiten : And 8th option is very basic option in picsart Teeth whiten and already add correction tool picsart old version .

Red Eye : And last beatify tool option is very basic and more other public not using this red eye option and already add in picsart

How to download pciart new 2018 version :

So i hope you are read full detail about picsart new beatify tools option click the last download button download this new picsart app from my website

Click here Download app new version 2018 beatify tool add

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