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Hi friends, today I am going to give you the preset of the snap seed or the preset is very good. this preset  Name is Atharv Routh And if you guys don’t know how to do that, then you guys can watch my video In that video you will learn how to preset it in snap seed app.You can also download the preset of the Lightroom Mobile App from my website.

How to use lightroom preset :

If you do not know how to use a preset in the mobile lightroom app, then I will tell you some steps, with the help of that you will learn to use the preset.

First of all you have to download the preset
    Then you have to import the DNG file preset into the mobile lightroom app
    Then you have to copy the settings of the preset
    Then you have to import your photo into the lightroom app which you have to edit
    Then you have to click on Paste Settings, then your photo foot preset will be applied
    If the present is not looking perfect on your photo, then you can do a little color adjustment

 Features : 

Free Preset Download
Lightroom preset dng File download 
Use in Mobile Lightroom app
All Premium Features
No any bugs and error
Hight quality premium preset downlaod 

About Lightroom app :

Friends, if you do photo editing and you do not know about the lightroom app, then let me tell you that with the help of lightroom app The lightroom belongs to the Adobe company and Adobe is a very large editing company. This company has a lot of software and is used in all editing work If you do photo editing, then you use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Premimum Pro and After Effects Software for video editing. and other more product for adobe company .the Mobile lightroom app is also from the company of Adobe and you can identify your photos with the help of this, just like photoshop And you can do it in the light room preset as well, if you do not use the preset, then I have uploaded the video in YouTube. you can learn by watching the video, I have given step by step and given the download button in the last of the post to this ATHARV RAUT PRESETS dng File download  .

Device Requirements :

Android 5.0  Lollipop or above
Minimum  1 GB Ram
2GB Space on your device

Download Lightroom Mobile App

How to Download Lightroom preset dng File :

If you don’t download Lightroom preset dng File  for free form my website so guys i am tell you how to get this preset free so guys go to last page of this post and i am give you Download button zip file click download button and go to google drive and save your preset in your mobile use and enjoy Download any other Light room preset chick my recent post .

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